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Privacy Policy

Your right to privacy is very important. Ubora understands the information you entrust to us must be treated in a responsible manner and be consistent with the uses we define and those to which you consent. We have developed a policy to protect the use of your information. Any information we collect will be done with the express purpose of providing you with a more effective and personalized visit to our website.

Personal information

Generally, when you visit our website and request information, you’ll remain anonymous. However, there are times when we will ask for additional information or require you to be registered in order to enter a specific area.

Protecting information

We will take the necessary steps to protect your data!

Use of cookies

Ubora websites may use cookies in the following situations. If you are not a registered user, cookies may be assigned to provide to us information concerning the interest in our visitors in specific areas. This information can allow us to better understand navigation paths, sequences of information gathering, etc. which will allow us to create a more efficient and pleasurable visit for you in the future. These cookies do not track assignable information and any information gathered is not retained.

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