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IV Therapy

Excellence in Health & Wellness

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UBORA Excllence in Health

Benefits of IV Hydration

Excellence in Health & Wellness


Rapid Effectivess

Bypassing the digestive system, IV Hydration allows for immediate absorption into the bloodstream.

Nutrient UBORA

Vitamin & Nutrient Infusions

Custom blends of vitamins and nutrients designed to boost immunity, increase energy, enhance mood, and improve overall wellness.


Customized IV Therapy

Personalized to meet individual health needs and goals.

Refuel Your Run

Excellence in Health & Wellness

Replenish with UBORA

Revive & Rehydrate

A refreshing way to recover from your race with 1000mL of pure saline fluids, restoring your body's balance and hydration. Additive free, this bag offers premium hydration for the dedicated athlete looking solely to rehydrate. Feel re-energized and ready for more!

Recover with UBORA

Muscle Revitalizer

Reload your body and restore your strength with our vitamin B-12 and Magnesium cocktail, mixed with 500ml or 1000mL of IV saline. Decrease recovery times and enhance performance. The reward your muscles deserve after a hard workout or race!

Special UBORA

Champion's Choice by UBORA

Tailored for the elite athlete, this ultimate package delivers unparalleled IV hydration and recovery benefits. Customize to your specific needs, ensuring peak performance and swift rejuvenation. Trust in UBORA's expertise to fuel, refresh, and empower your champion spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Discover the Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy with UBORA

IV hydration therapy delivers fluids, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements directly into the bloodstream, allowing for 100% absorption and immediate benefits.

Who can benefit from IV Hydration Therapy

Anyone looking to improve their overall health, boost their energy levels, enhance athletic performance, or speed up recovery after an illness or a rigorous athletic event can benefit from our services. 

How long does an IV hydration session take

How long does an IV hydration session take? Don't let time hold you back from peak performance and swift recovery. Our efficient IV hydration treatments can have you feeling revitalized in as little as 15 minutes, depending on your chosen package.

Is IV Hydration Therapy safe

Yes, when administered by a trained professional, IV hydration therapy is safe. We use FDA-regulated and approved equipment and solutions, and our therapies are administered by medical professionals. 

How often can I receive treatments

The frequency of treatments varies depending on individual needs and specific treatment plans. Our team will help determine the best schedule for you based on your health goals.

How quickly will I see results

Many clients report feeling the benefits of IV hydration therapy immediately after their session, but individual experiences may vary. 

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